Our exquisite range of scarves cater for all types of hijabis; whether you’re a trendsetter, a fashionista or just prefer a simple easy-to-drape scarf.
Stunning silks, exclusive chiffons, casual cottons, cotton-knits and pretty pashminas just to name a few.
Everyday/work simple scarves, designer silks and Turkish cottons for dressing up that smart outfit and gorgeous chiffons and beaded, shimmer scarves for weddings, bridal and that special occasion.



Exclusive range of Ladies & Girls Abayas, designed in UAE exclusively for Al-Shazia.
Hand-work, embroidery, Swarovski crystals are some of the many styles we have to offer.
We use only the best quality fabrics for our abayas and we carry all sizes (including plus sizes) whilst catering for the young and mature.
From simple, plain abayas for everyday wear, casual designs to stunning off-the-catwalk designs for functions & weddings.

Kurtas / Thobes

Our contemporary designs for the modern gentleman include Emirati/collarless thobes (most popular), trendy designer kurtas as well as simply smart everyday kurtas for both boys & men.
We stock Al-Aseel, Shiaka, Rethobe, Haramain, Omani & Ikaaf.


Looking for a lightweight garb to cool you down this summer? We stock genuine Sameera Kaftans in lovely cotton fabric ideal for this heat as well as satin TV gowns & butterfly styles. Available in long & short sleeves for both girls & ladies. Who said you can’t look smart at home?

Burkas / Caps

Stockists of both Ladies & Girls Long Salaah Burkas in an array of colours, as well as the short burkas for daily use.


We stock Bedoon Essm, Sharqiaa & Designer Niqabs

Slipdress / Pants

Slip dresses and slip pants and camisoles are used as under garments.
The slip dresses are used for open and closed abayas which are available in long sleeves and sleeveless in various sizes.
Slip pants are used under abayas as under garments. Ideal for school, ihram and daily use. Available in all sizes in trilobal, silky slip and soft stretch fabrics.

Musallahs / Attars/ Topees

Stockists of Afzal Fragrances. Padded/Memory Foam/Turkish/Carpet size musallahs available. A range of topees available from around the world. Turkish, Pakistani, omani and Saudi hats available in all sizes, materials and colours.


Seal Skin waterproof socks imported from UK , perfect for travelling. Sheep Skin Leather Khufs