Al-Shazia was founded in 1999 to serve our islamic community with affordable modest clothing that keeps us true to our beliefs and reflects our values and faith.

At Al-Shazia we recognize the wealth of culture and style in traditional Arabic, African and Indian communities. We strive to bridge the gap by tying our traditions, cultures, and Islamic religion to our clothing.

With experience in clothing which stretches over 23 years, we continue to serve the community and uphold important values and customs. We do this by serving the community with exclusive quality and clothing options for everyone at an affordable price.

Our aim is to dress women, men and children in charming modest clothing that are fashionable yet comfortable. By using beautiful and soft flowing fabrics, we choose clothing that is trendy, in vogue and crafted in fine ornamental details that accentuate the beauty of every one that wears it.

At Al-Shazia we stock a wide variety of Scarves, Abayas, Kurtas and Islamic accessories. We carefully select our products from all over the world, including Dubai, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, so that the modest fashion world would be easily accessible to you.

Thank you for joining the Al-Shazia Family!